Have room in your heart but not your apartment? Sponsor a farm animal at Star Gazing Farm!
Sponsor Now!  (Our sponsorships link will take you to our Shop site)

All the animals at the farm have been rescued from a wide variety of situations – from wandering the streets, to being locked up in barns, to being whisked off the dinner table. They now live the life of Brian, but keeping proper care of them requires both appropriate funds and a lot of energy.

If you wish you could take in deserving animals such as these, but don’t have the space or time to care for them, you can still help out by becoming a sponsor.


Sponsors pay an annual fee to help pay for the feed, bedding, and medical care for their special animal.  Fill out the form below indicating what animal you would like to help specifically, and we will send you a sponsorship package.

What do sponsors receive?

A certificate of sponsorship, a detailed biography, and a frameable photo of the animal you’ve chosen to sponsor
The opportunity to come and visit your chosen animal on the weekends
Invitation to attend SGF’s open houses
Regular email updates

Who is available to sponsor?

You can see our current animals on this web site, or go to our shop web site to view all the beautiful animals who are looking for special sponsors!

How much does it cost?

Big Boys Sponsorship
A steer or a horse:  $150 annually

Guardians Sponsorship
A donkey or a llama or a dog: $100 annually

Grazers Sponsorship
A pig, a sheep, or a goat: $75 annually

Little Tykes Sponsorship
A rabbit or a cat: $50 annually

Feathered Friends Sponsorship
A chicken, duck, or a goose: $25 annually

What does a sponsorship help with?

Your tax-deductible sponsorship helps to pay for the feed, bedding, shelter, vaccinations, and medical care for your special animal.

Can I give this as a gift to someone?

Yes! Many people give sponsorships as compassionate gifts in lieu of purchasing tangible presents. They are heart-warming and something different!