Note: we are scheduling small group visits! Please visit our online shop to make a reservation.

Need to contact us about a visit?

In order to make your visit as memorable as possible we ask that you review our recommendations before making your trip.

We hold events several times a year. We have occasional Saturdays for informal visits and these are posted on our calendar.  Email:

Please note: there are no unsupervised visits. We are closed on Sundays.

There is a gate into the farm; please close it behind you so the animals stay inside the farm. Once inside, please park in the gravel areas, and do not block the driveway. The farm office entrance is on the left side of the main house.

We welcome family visits, as we believe learning about the farm animals is a great educational experience for both young and old. Parents must stay with their children at all times.

Please leave all pets at home. If you need to bring a service animal please contact us first, as we have Guardian animals on the farm.

The animals love apples, bananas, lettuce, and other healthy treats like fig newtons. If you’d like to bring treats for the animals, please take them into the farm office first to be sorted. We monitor what the animals eat every day. We do not have picnic areas for visitors. Please do not feed the animals.

We have a quaint little gift shop that sells hand-crafted and farm-themed items. We hope you’ll stop by while you’re at the farm!

Please feel free to take lots of photos! We love seeing the farm through your eyes, and your happy faces are our happy memories.

Please go to for detailed directions. We are approximately 6 miles away from Route 270, Germantown Road S exit.

You visit the farm at your own risk. By visiting the farm you agree to the following:

I understand that farm animals are independent living beings with their own minds and as such, can never be entirely predictable.
I understand that there are always elements of risk in farm activities, including permanent disability or death, that common sense and personal awareness are essential to minimizing the risks.
I am aware that at all times when on Star Gazing Farm, Inc. (SGF) property it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to:
Be alert and respectful of animals at all times.
Not run, scream, chase any animal, or provoke any animal in any way.
Wear appropriate clothing including durable shoes.
Refrain from acting in any manner which may cause or contribute to my injury or the injury of other people or animals.
I understand that this is only a partial list, and I must be safety conscious and exercise sound judgment AT ALL TIMES. ANYONE found to be endangering themselves, other people, or animals faces removal from the premises.
I hereby acknowledge and assume the risk of participation in any and all animal related activities at SGF or in any and all locations where SGF activities take place. I hereby acknowledge that I will release, Star Gazing Farm, Inc., its officers, staff members, volunteers, instructors, advisors, and/or agents in any location where animal related activities are conducted or animals and/or property are used, of and from all claims which may hereafter develop or accrue to them on account of injury, loss or damage, which may be suffered by said minor or to any property, because of any matter, thing, or condition, negligence or default whatsoever, and they hereby assume and accept the full risk and danger of any hurt, injury or damage which may occur through or by reason of any matter, thing or condition, negligence or default, or any person or persons whatsoever.