George the Chinchilla

George the Chinchilla was adopted out from and returned several times to the animal shelter.  People claimed he was “too much work.”  He ended up at the Arlington Animal Welfare League who let us take him home and give him a permanent place to be himself!  We set him up with a marvelous, four-story condo with lots of shelves and perches.  He also loves to run around the bunny room, and has a special fondness for exploring the bunny’s living quarters.

When he first came he was terribly shy, and tended to give little bites to get people to get away from him.  Very gradually, he has learned that it’s ok to be touched sometimes, and especially when he gets special treats like a biscuit or a small piece of dried fruit.

George is quite a special guy – smart and athletic and inquisitive, and we feel very fortunate to have him as one of our residents!

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