How to Help

Perhaps you don’t have room for a goat in your back yard, but there are still many ways you can help out farm animals — those who live at Star Gazing Farm and the many, many others who really do need voices who care.

Help Star Gazing Farm

  1. Sponsor an animal
  2. Donate funds or materials to the farm
  3. Come and volunteer on the work days or during our open houses
  4. Participate in our garden

Help Farm Animals in the general DC area

  1. Join our network of farm rescue people – help us find small farms willing to temporarily or permanently house unwanted and stray farm animals. (DC-Farmrescue@yahoogroups list)
  2. Let your local animal control agency know if you have a pickup truck or trailer and are willing to help transport farm animals. Most animal control agencies rely on volunteers when it comes to larger animals as most do not have stables or paddocks to house them. [list of local animal control agencies]
  3. Donate to or volunteer at other farm animal sanctuaries