Meet Bart!

Bart has ears so long we think he might be able to take flight with them!

Bart was born in October of 2016 to a momma who had no milk for him.  To add insult to injury, he had a birth defect, a congenital condition called Kyphosis, an upward bowing of the spine like a camel.  He also had an inwardly rolled eyelid (Entropian).  Poor little dude!  The original farm had such a large flock and they knew this guy would not get much attention nor could he ever be shown or put into a breeding program, and so his end would likely  not be a happy one.

He loves it here and has several dads and moms whom he follows around.  His current favorite is Huckleberry. Huckleberry said he didn’t sign up for this, but as long as Bart does what he says, it is cool.

Bart is fed with a bottle 4 times a day and he LOVES his ba-ba.  He has a gentle personality and fits right into our friendly flock.

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