The animals are what it’s all about! Some of our animals may have come from humble backgrounds, and some may believe they come from aristocracy, but all of them appear to have a pretty darned good time here. And they make Star Gazing Farm a really neat place to be.

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Who Are They?

So how do we decide who comes to live at the farm? Most of the animals have arrived through simple twists and turns of fate. Strays, picked up by animal control… elders who don’t have a practical “use” in the commercial world… pets purchased and discarded.

What do they do?

Mostly they eat and vie for human attention. However, everyone needs a job, so they do all have jobs. For some, their job is simply to look pretty. Some perform work because it’s the way that nature made them: the sheep grow wool, the roosters crow, and the equines produce marvelous manure for composting. Milo the Anatolian Shepherd chases off stray dogs and animals who don’t belong on the property. Falkor the goat chases off the humans.