No rest for the weary! Boredom was banished forever when we moved to the farm. Much of this has to do, of course, with Mr. Newman Goat (trying to eat the camera, at right), who inspired Newman’s Roost (goat-secure roof for run in shed), and No Goat Zones I and II (the first-only fencing in of humans against farm animal incursions). Ever wonder what a goat will do when given free reign over architectural projects? ….

While some have asked us if we will rent out our goats to trim their lawns, we insist that this is a Very Bad Idea unless your goal is to totally eliminate landscaping.  We do, however, provide certain services to the community  which include:

  • bunny motelTemporarily closed.  It’s not easy to find suitable lodging for your indoor rabbit when going on holiday, and we have a room dedicated purely to lapines and other small animals.
  • Shearing (sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas).   Farmer Anne has been shearing professionally around the mid-Atlantic region since 2005 and travels to over 150 farms every spring to help de-nude the fiber animals, trim hooves, trim teeth, and help with other animal husbandry tasks.