George the goose

georgegooseWe took in a flock of 5 geese in the spring of 2016 from a woman who was losing her farm property.  She adores these geese, and, while heartbroken to no longer live with them, was so happy to find a safe place for them.

George was rescued from an auction where he was going to become Easter dinner …. This is is the story of his rescue:
“Last spring,  I was visiting a friend in Boonsboro Md. We were at an event on a neighboring farm, and they were many farm vendors there. ..most of them selling them for something other than pets! Yikes! We had arrived late in the event,and it was winding down by this time. In speaking with the woman who had the geese, I was horrified at the callous attitude in handing over these birds for slaughter. She informed me she had eggs at home hatching (her home being in southern md)… and all but two of the babies to be were already sold. of course I took a trip to southern md the next day. ..when I arrived,  George had arrived in the world just an hour earlier. ..they were in an incubator. ..and George imprinted on me as I was the first to hold him. George loves love,  and to be held. He always wants to be front and center. ”

george-faceGeorge is now a year old and has come into his own as a dominant bird in the flock – and HOW!

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