Toby the Brown Dog

Mixed breed dog
Age unknown
Weight approx. 50 pounds

Toby was living the life of a hobo at a local farm. He would come and go, and the farmers would put out food, but he was still severely underweight and had many other health problems. His gentle demeanor, his sad physical state, and the farmer’s statement “he probably won’t make it through another winter” urged me to take him home.

Toby seems to love everyone. He is still not feeling all that well and so rests a great deal of the time. He has two forms of lyme disease, a staph infection, sarcoptic mange, and, of course, worms. We are treating him for everything, and have already given him his first bath (perhaps the only one of his life!?). He is getting high quality food and has already made friends with everyone on the farm. He’s simply a wonderful, wonderful dog and we’re so happy he’s here!

Below are some disturbing photos of Toby’s original condition.

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