In Honor Of / In Memory Of

Donations made in memory of or in honor of a person or animal are particularly special!

  • From Sharon, in memory of Jack the Rabbit
  • From John Werner in honor of Tom Roach
  • From Curtis and Renee  Stilwell in memory of Twinkie
  • From John White in memory of Sam the rabbit
  • From Steven Willson and Luann Korona in honor of Kat and Ryan Seguin’s wedding
  • From Richard Grimes in memory of Brittany
  • From Linna Lippke in memory of Maurice
  • From Maria Brown in honor of Ed Brown
  • From Barbara Lazar in memory of Shirley Lazar

We want to thank the countless people who have donated their time, expertise, and money to help care for the animals and keep the farm running well.

Thanks to our donors – without you we would be nowhere!

Thanks to the amazing volunteers who come every weekend and muck stalls, help with animal care, run our shop, do administrative work, errands, fix things, retrieve lost animals, and keep the farm running.

Thanks to businesses Lewis Orchards, Bark! Natural, Beers & Cheers, Liberty gas station at Route 355 and 121 in Clarksburg, MOMs Organic Markets, and Shanco Companies.

Thanks to the Animal Welfare Fund for managing our Combined Federal Campaign.

Thanks to the veterinarians, farrier, equine dentist, hay suppliers, and animal haulers who provide their professional services.

Thanks to Upcounty Web Sites for design and development of the web site.

Major Individual Donors

(over $200 during 2015)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Mary Berman
  • George Buzby
  • Sally Carpenter
  • The Consortium
  • Doug & Laura Cox
  • Kim Deserio
  • Howard Edelstein
  • Engineers for Change
  • Susan & Edward Epes Charitable Fund
  • Monnica Felix
  • Steven Fleshman, Dr. 2, LLC
  • Alison Fox
  • Hellen Gelband
  • Nicole Grimm
  • W.T. Jackson
  • Sophie Janet
  • Brenda Johnson
  • Richard Jost
  • Janice Kantner
  • Chris Kepferle
  • Nancy Joy King
  • Life4animals Inc.
  • McKinstry Charitable Foundation
  • Kari and Kenneth Minesinger
  • Michelle Newberry
  • Lori Paserchia
  • Karen Pittleman
  • Pia Rashid
  • Diane Ray
  • Doris Roach
  • Thomas B. Roach
  • Mary Jane Ruhl
  • Serendipity Creative
  • Wendy Skinner
  • Mary M. Smith
  • Temple Beth Ami
  • Laura Wailes
  • Patricia Wells