Tetsuro the Potbellied Pig

Potbellied pig/Ossaba Island pig
Weight approx. 280 pounds

One day a large black pig was seen wandering around Beltsville in Prince Georges County, Maryland. The neighborhood kids started chasing him, as he ran across streets, through yards, probably terrified. Eventually an animal control officer arrived and tackled him. Poor Tetsuro spent a few lonely months at the local 4H club, while the shelter tried to find him a home. He was going to go to the Mini Pigs sanctuary, but due to a number of serendipitous turns of fate, he was delivered to my farm on a hot Tuesday afternoon in June.

It was the combination of sharp tusks and strange noises that led me to believe that perhaps he wanted to eat me for dinner. For days I put down his food and backed away nervously…until I realized that he was not only not aggressive, he was afraid of ME. Slowly we began to get to know each other — at first he’d let me rub his ears, then after a while I could pet his shoulders. After a while, Techa (his nickname) and I were best buddies. When I arrived home he wuld come running, grunting and wagging his long beautiful tail back and forth, moving his head from side to side as he smiles at me (or is it the prospect of dinner?).

Techa was clearly very, very intelligent. He would select a very choice corner in the barn for his bed – and gathered 6 inches or so of pine shavings to create himself a soft mattress. From time to time he wouold bring other items in to supplement his bed, including the horse blanket! He was very friendly toward the other animals and Mr. Newman used to cuddle up to him at night to sleep warmly.

Tetsuro passed away peacefully in January of 2015.  He was in his teens.  We miss him very much.

Tetsuro when he first arrived. He had
a lot more hair – the shelter originally
thought he was a razorback pig.
After a good wallow in the mud!
Fat and happy. Summertime nudity
is “in” for pigs.

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