Welcome Sullivan!

Sullivan is an old, old black lab. We think he was born around 2003. He was found running around loose in Virginia. When animal control picked him up, he was a mess. He was totally infested with fleas, and all of the fur on his lower back and backside had been chewed and scratched off, leaving a sort of ‘elephant skin’. He also had two tumors which happily turned out to be benign.

Sullivan stayed at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter for 2 months while he received treatment for his conditions, and quickly became the staff’s favorite pooch. He was easy going and loving, and they ended up using him with new dogs to do temperament testing, because he was that mellow.

But then people kept passing him by when looking for dogs to adopt. Some people even said he was “too ugly”. When we saw his bright face in photographs posted on Facebook, we just fell in looovvve with him. Sullivan came here in December, 2013 and is truly a sweet and loving dog. He seems so grateful to finally have a home of his own!

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