Dear Santa Claus,

When can I come home?  I’ve been such a good boy all year (at least since the time I was born) but I’ve been here in the sheep hospital for a long time now.  I miss my friend Ray and my alpacas, and I even miss some of the goats. I had a really big boo boo – part of my stomach suddenly was sticking out of my body and then I got so sick and then they did something called surgery on me.  I’m feeling pretty good now and I have a good appetite, but my incision isn’t healing quite right yet. Sigh. At least the students and nurses here are all so sweet.

I know the people at home miss me, too.  Some people asked if they could drive up and visit me! The answer is yes yes yes!  Maia, who is an artist, even drew a picture of me because she loves me so much.

I don’t know what to ask for, Santa,  All I want is to go home and be better again. I know that my hospital bill is really high.  That’s because I came in as an emergency, and the surgery took a really, really long time. I think it’s now over $2000.  But I heard the doctors saying “Miss Anne said to do whatever it takes to make him better.”  That made me feel all warm and goofy.

I’m a clever sheep, and I have a lot of time on my hands, so I created this special button that will take people right to a place where they can contribute to my medical fund.  I want my wonderful doctors to get paid.  They are very skilled and very kind to me.

Anyone who donates $200 or more to my medical fund will receive a special limited-edition mug with MY face on it plus a sponsorship package just for me. I know that not everyone has that much money lying around ( I sure don’t but then, I’m a sheep so I’d be more likely to chew on it!) so if you’d just like to sponsor me you can click here!

Well, Santa, I’m so happy that I am loved and I just can’t wait to come home.  I’m sure you want to go home, too, since you’ve been on the road a long time!  I hope to see you next year.

Love, Ricardo

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841