Dearest Santa,

It has been many years since I’ve been in touch with you, but I feel sure that you have been looking after me because things are going very well in my life.  Although I am a sheep, I find that the company of the alpacas is so extremely pleasant.  So is their breakfast.  I am nice to almost everyone (except the goats, and they deserve a little headbutting once in a while) — and I LOVE Susan, who comes over quite often and gives me biscuits.  I follow her everywhere.  I would like to get in her car and go home with her.  I think she has even more biscuits at her house.

Santa,  I’ve been at this farm for many years now.  But I do not have a collar. I don’t need one all the time, but whenever we go out “on the town”, I need my collar so that they don’t just wrap a lead rope around my neck. It is so unsightly.  I would like this black collar because I am black and white and it will blend quite nicely.  Then I will be fashionable when I go out!  Also, you know, Farmer Anne trims our hooves pretty regularly.  She does a nice job, but sometimes the hoof trimmers need a bit of sharpening.  This sharpener comes recommended and can help keep our hoof trimmers nice and sharp.  What do you think, Santa? Am I not a practical sheep?

I’ve asked Farmer Anne to please PLEASE send my wool off to be made into yarn, and she promised to do that very soon.  You don’t need to do anything except give her a bit of a boot in the butt to remind her.  Ok?

Finally, Santa, I have not had a sponsor in while.  My sponsors in the past have understood how MUCH I love gingersnaps and molasses cookies.  It is not so much to ask, is it?  Oh thank you Santa,  thank you for working extra late and taking care of all the animals.  We need you, Santa.

Yours truly,


Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841