Oh Mr. Santie Clausie,

I’m soooooo happy to talk with you!  I love you Mr. Santie. I’ve been waiting all year to tell you all the little things that are in my little guinea pig heart, don’t you know.

I have been so good this past year.  But oh my goodness, Santie, I had such a scare earlier on.  I had a big thing growing in my tummy and the vet had such a worried look on his face.  But he was soooo sweet.  I love my sweetie vet.  He took the big old thing out of my tummy and sewed me up and then I was all better!  Just like that!

Santie, I love to cuddle and sit on top of things.  I found this really pretty ledge when I was surfing the internet (surfing is one of my new skills I learned this year).  It comes in so many pretty colors! What color do you think would go best with my fur?  I kind of like the Blue Atol, but I will let you choose for me.

I also like to hide in my litter box.  Sometimes people can’t find me, because I make a little tunnel under the hay.  It’s so fun!  This litter box has nice high sides and will be much nicer and cleaner than mine, which is a bit old now.  Oh thank you for looking at these links which I found all on my own on the internet!

I was talking with Bruno the horse the other day about his problem with his muddy coat and our washing machine that doesn’t work too well.  Well, you see, Farmer Anne does laundry “all the damn time” (those are her words – I would never DREAM of using such strong language).  Most of it is towels for the dogs and the bunny room.  So I guess I use some of those towels, too 🙂  We really don’t like the front-loading washing machine.   We don’t like computerized washing machines.  NosirreeBob, we like the old fashioned top loader with knobs on it.  Used is ok!  Speaking of Bob, he is my rabbit friend.

I am always looking for sponsors, don’t you know.  I have one or two, I think, but I need more so that I have some in reserve in case my other sponsors go off to Mexico or an Island paradise and leave me behind.  Oh thank you Mr. Santie,  thank you for reading my letter!



Star Gazing Farm
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