Dear Mr. Santa,

I’m pretty sure I’ve already received my Christmas present for this year (and the next, and the next after that).  YOu see, I’m a 24 year old horse with Cushings disease whom someone decided was not worth their time or trouble anymore. Off I went to the horse auction.  Santa, if you have never been there, you’d better not go because you would spend all your time trying to help all those poor horses. Let’s  just put it this way: I’m not one to take any guff from anyone, and as a result I got beat up and bitten pretty badly.

But now I am here. Life is good.  I eat all day long and I have my best friend Bruno with me.  I also think that younger grey donkey Mehitabel is pretty hot and she likes to hang out with us. The big black cow Brandy?  OMG she’s got this weird crush on me and I’m trying to let her down easy, but I[‘m just not into bovines.

Well – so I am set here Santa.  Nothing could have been better for me than to land in a safe place with m y friend and lots of food.  But … there are a few TINY things that might just help out a bit.

This farm seems to be short on good lead ropes.  I like the cotton ones best, with the brass snaps (not the bulldog snaps).  They are easy to use and they come in all kinds of marvelous colors.

Pretty soon, at least when we stop getting rain and the ground dries out, I want to start working my muscles.  That means I will need a lunge line so I can start doing  my horse calisthenics.  My feet and legs are in good shape and I’m ready to roll, baby!

Because I’m so hairy, I’m going to have to get clipped.  Last year a very kind lady bought Dee Dee a set of the Wahl Arco SE horse clippers.  It’s hot pink which is not so much my taste, but the real issue is that the battery has recently gone bad.   We need a new battery for this very good machine.

I have never had a sponsor before but it sounds glorious.  I’m very good at standing to be brushed and I sure need it often!

Santa, it has been such a pleasure conversing with you and thank you for saving my life.


Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841

PS Please remember that some of our animals have not yet received presents or sponsorships.  Some them don’t seem to mind, but some get a bit depressed and  that makes me sad.  This is the list of our animals who have written to you so far.