Um, excuse me?  Santa?  This is me, Bruno.  You might not remember me?  I have had different names at different times. I like the name Bruno.  I’m named for a French detective who is very quiet and friendly and smart and likes the finer things in life.  That is me, too.

Can I tell you my story, in case you haven’t heard it?  I haven’t been on this farm very long.  I was so scared before I came. They made me ride in a box on a noisy highway and then the people I used to know said goodbye, and put me in this big area and there were so many horses, and some of them were not nice at all.  And there wasn’t water to drink, men were shouting, and they stuck a piece of paper with a number on my rump.  Everyone seemed so angry.  I thought maybe they didn’t like the horses and I just felt so sick in my stomach.  It seemed like bad things were going to start happening.  I was especially frightened because I can only see out of one eye, so I couldn’t defend myself against the mean horses. Well, a miracle happened to me.   A lady with angel wings cried when she saw me and brought me and  Salvo back to her farm. Salvo and I had just met, but he right away knew that I was afraid and he took care of me because he is big and brave and kind-hearted.  He is named after Commissario Montalbano from Sicily who is big and brave and funny and sexy and everything wonderful.  Salvo is my best friend now.  He is teaching me some Italian.

Santa, is it OK if I tell you some things that might help me out? I hope so.  I would like some eye wash.  My right eye which is blind sometimes gets a bit of discharge and it would be nice to keep it clean.

It is winter now, but soon it will be summer and I will need a fly mask.  I think maybe I might get sunburned on my white nose, so I’d like a fly mast that covers my nose.  I hope that’s OK.

Santa, I love my new farm and I have noticed that a lot of the animals wear blankets.  We wear our blankets only when it’s really cold, but we like them.  But, well …. you know, I like to roll in the mud. So then my blanket has to be washed.  I heard the other animals talking about the washing machine problem.  I guess the goats got in the house one day and tried to use it, but found it was not a good one.  It doesn’t drain right, even though Handyman Mike put a new pump in it.  And it sort of smells bad.  Those front loader washing machines were a fad that everyone now regrets.  (I read that in our local horse housekeeping magazine).  Well — we do a lot of laundry here for all the animals.  Maybe someone has an older top loading washing machine they don’t want anymore?  We like the older models with no computer things in them.

Also would it be possible to send me a sponsor?  I’d like to be brushed and talked to.  I’m shy but I’m gentle and nice.  Well, you could also send Salvo a sponsor too.  He is my best friend and protector and he deserves a special someone, too.  He also likes to roll in the mud.  We both do!

Thank you for being there for all the animals, Santa.  We love you so much.


Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841

PS Please remember that some of our animals have not yet received presents or sponsorships.  Some them don’t seem to mind, but some get a bit depressed and  that makes me sad.  This is the list of our animals who have written to you so far.