Heya Santa,

George here.  Sorry to keep yas waitin, but we’ve had stuff goin on here and I was real busy like. So how’vya been?  Me, I’m good. I does my job like you wouldn’t believe.  I’m on duty 24/7.  Somethin goes on here, old George here knows about it.  I’m one of the entry sentries, and I’ve gotta tell ya, I’m the best of the bunch. Don’t nobody mess with George, here.

So here’s the deal: I’m needin a few things – not for myself, naw, I’m fine, but for the Missus.  She wants to keep the goose house tidier and for that she needs a better broom, ya know?  We gets all those cobwebs and stuff, and the chickens, oh boy, you would not believe the mess they make.   And a shovel for our barn would help us a ton, ya know, Santa?   So, like Dee Dee got her shovel but that’s for her area – (and just between you, me and the lamppost Santa, those donkeys poop non-stop, I mean I hate to mention it but I’ve just about never seen anything like it).  So, but we need a shovel for our area acause the kids come and clean our barn every weekend, and they make my missus happy so a shovel, please Santa?

Last thing I’m gonna mention is the extension cord issue.  Santa, those engineers, they build these things that supposed ta plug in but the cords, they’re like 6 inches long.  Give me a break.  We need to plug in our heated waterer that you brought us last year (thank you very much!) but it’s got this tiny little cord on it, doesn’t reach to the, whaddayacallit  – the outlet — and we need just a short extension cord, not a whole 50 footer.  I’ll be you love a bargain as much as the next guy, so here’s a tip for ya  – you can get a twofer for one and a half times the price of just one.  How’s about that!

So it’s been real nice talkin to yas, and seein as how I do such a fine job on this farm being head goose, maybe you can send me a sponsor?  No guarantees in the biting department, but I’m good for a laugh or two.

Thanksalot, Santa,

George the Goose

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841