Dear Mr. Claus,

My name is Ray Ray (or Ray for short).  I am a sheep.  In fact, I am a Katahdin sheep which means that I have hair and not wool.  I don’t have to be sheared and embarrassed like the other sheep here (except Bubba, he’s like me and is a hair sheep too.  I love Bubba.  He is so big and strong like my daddy).

I’m 9 months old.  They tell me I am blind but I don’t know what that means.  I’m just me!  I know that I have really good hearing and I can sense how to walk around and avoid bumping into people which is a good thing because people really like to visit with me and they would not like to be bumped into (unless of course they ask me to in which case, of course, I will gladly bump them but lovingly). They tell me I am very sweet and friendly.  Sometimes I lean up against them.  I love people. Also, I like neck rubs and back massages. I like treats but I’m not supposed to have too many of them.  They tell me I”m getting a bit fat (“you’re getting fat, Ray Ray”, they say).  I like being fat.  It means eating a lot. I have not been at all naughty this year.  Not yet, anyhow.

Mr. Claus, I would like to ask you for some presents. Can I please do that? The first one is big.  I stay mostly in the alpaca barn and paddock area because I know that space very well.  I have a very nice bucket (they tell me it is bright orange!) but it is starting to freeze up.  Ok now this is kind of pricey, but this is THE BEST heated water bucket that there is.  They told me we have one up at the main barn, but we need one at the alpaca barn too because that is where I live.  I love the alpacas, especially Senna. She’s my auntie.  It’s indestructible (and that is saying something when there are 10 goats hanging around and causing trouble. Santa, I don’t cause trouble).  Those blue ones seem to kick the bucket (hee hee,  I made a pun) after about a season.

I need to be practical, too.  My eyes can sometimes get a bit irritated.  They are extra small and I can’t see out of them, but they need to be protected.  I would like some of this nice eye wash so that they can be kept clean.  I would also like some Terramycin for my eyes. I will share it with the others, too.  You know, there is a lot of dust in hay, and we animals who really get into our food sometimes get the dust in our eyes.

If someone sponsors me, they can come and give me a neck rub – doesn’t that sound nice, Mr. Claus?  I am a very, very good boy and I look forward to seeing you here at the farm next Saturday, December 22!  Yay!!!


Ray Ray

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841