Howdy there Santa Claus,

This here is Leo.  I’m pretty much the biggest goat in town. This is my second holiday season at the farm here, and I’ve found life here to be a lot to my liking.  Cute girl goats, and lots of hay to eat and sleep on and poop in all the time.  I am a decently good goat, as goats go, although they say that I’m “the Headbutter”.  Well now, I wouldn’t be a goat if I didn’t butt heads (and butt butts also) once in a while.  Am I right?

Santa, I’m a practical guy.  I don’t need to ask you for cookies or pretty halters or ribbons anything.  I’m kind of a guy’s guy.  I have my doubts about you – I see you delivering all kinds of froofrroo things to our animals but oh heck, if they enjoy them then why not.  But I need some tools here.  I’m sure you can understand that.  First, it’s winter.  Things freeze, especially hoses.  We need a bunch of these quick connect hose doohickies so as we can not have a frozen hydrant.   We also need one or two of these here hose splitters.  Ours just broke.

Now here is kind of a confession, like.  I like to headbutt fences.  I’ve busted out about 4 of those suckers in the last week.  Farmer Anne said she’s going to teach all the gals at the farm how to fix fences.  I didn’t know Farmer Anne knew how to fix fences (yuck yuck yuck) since she’s partly blonde (she likes being called blonde, cause really it’s white but who’s keeping track.  Not me.).  But who I am to judge, right?  So she needs tools. She said it’s the 21st century and gals have to have tools.  She said I could help out with the fencing, too so that’s what I’m asking.  This tool kit has a drill and a circular saw and even a flashlight for when she needs to patrol the farm in the dark.  She’s a tough character, patrolling in the dark like that.

So it’s been a while since someone has sponsored me. It’s true, I headbutted the last sponsor when he tried to give a cookie to someone else.  Well, what’s a guy to do?  But I’d like another sponsor and I’ll be good, I swear I will.

Nice shooting the breeze with you Santa, and I sure hope you’ll make my wishes a reality, cause it will help the other animals as well as me.  Thank you kindly.

Yours ever,


Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841