Mr. Santa Claus,

It is I, Mr. Newman Goat.

I know you’ve been waiting to hear from me, but I’m moving a little slowly these days and had to carefully consider my requests to you.  I have been, alas and alack, a rather good goat this year.  Oh, I still know how to headbutt and I still am game to chew on unsuspecting paper that is left around, but I’ve had an awful trouble with my feet.  Indeed I have. So I’m a bit slower than usual.

So I don’t know what the deal is with my feet, but my hooves just keep getting sores on them so Farmer Anne has to bandage them up pretty regularly.  We are just about out of vet wrap which I need for the bandaging.  I like the bright colors.  Could you please send some?   Quite often she needs to irrigate my hoof wall with iodine.  These curved tip syringes would be just perfect for this.

Now, as you know, we all like fig newtons.  We do not like the blueberry or strawberry fig newtons. Nor the whole wheat (bleah!).  Just regular old-fashioned Fig Newtons like your grandma used to eat.  I get some medicine every night hidden in these cookies and I sure look forward to it!

Please don’t laugh too much with your big belly when you read my next request.  I really REALLY like visitors.  I am so personable and love to be admired and petted and hand-fed goodies.  But sometimes, well you know, I DO live on a farm, and sometimes it is muddy here.  And sometimes (hard to believe, I know!) there are bits of manure here and there on the ground.  Some visitors don’t like that. I can relate- I don’t like the mud either and the poop business – well, don’t look at me. Anyhoo, could you send along some of these shoe/boot protectors for our visitors so they can be comfortable walking around in the barnyard even when the weather is not so good? Wonderful!

Of course, I also am looking for a sponsor.  A special person or persons, perhaps, who will send me gifts in the mail, a Valentine’s day card perhaps, and who will come and scratch my back and between my horns where it gets kind of itchy.  I’m an old goat, but I’m a good goat and “I’ve been around a long time, Baby I’ve paid my dues” (Love B.B. King).

Hats off to ya Mr. Santa,

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841