My dear, wonderful Santa Claus,

This is Senna writing to you, Senna the old auntie alpaca.  I have no choice but to be good these days.  I’m old and a bit frail and that is very boring but on the other hand, I have earned the right to tell everyone what I think at any and all times.

Now then, I may be old but I still have my pleasures and one of them is eating!  There are two types of cookies that I really like:  these soft cookies are a bit easier on my old teeth and of course the old stand-by Mrs. Pastures Cookies are adored by all, but especially by my young niece Marguerite.

Cookies, however are a triviality.  I have noticed that these younger folk (Marguerite, Jean-Claude, and Louisa (although she is only 1 year younger than me!) all need minerals.  We have run out of the mineral supply we had and these are pretty important for our diet. We need the “Llama Min 104” (smallest quantity is 10 pounds which lasts us a long time).  I keep telling them to ask for them, but they just run off and swing their necks and laugh at me.  Poor old Auntie, she’s gone soft. No.  Minerals are vital to our blood and bones! Ah, those young people.

Here I am going to get serious with you Santa.  We have a very, very beloved tractor.  His name is Bob.  His best friends are Mike and Dave, and those gentleman look after him.  However, Bob’s bucket is very rusted out.  It is almost falling apart.  It’s already been repaired twice.  This bucket is what is used every week to keep our alpaca barn clean.  If we don’t have a bucket well …. I shudder to think of it!  We need either a new bucket or someone who is very, very good at welding and can repair it.  Our tractor is a Kubota B2910  and the front end loader is LA402.  This is a pretty urgent and expensive request, but being the old lady in the group, I have no hesitation in  just coming right out and asking for what we need.   We seniors need to look out for the young ones who only think of playing and partying.  (Note:  please contact Dave about details of this bucket

Santa, I am done talking now and you may move on to your next letter.  Thank you for attending to mine, and thank you for being Santa.  We all love you and can’t wait to see you.  I heard you will be here on December 22!

With thanks for your consideration,


Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841