My esteemed sir, honorable Santa,

Enclosed herein is my report of good behavior for the year of 2018 (to include the last week of 2017, which SOME animals forget because they are too busy partying, carousing, and otherwise causing mischief).

Here is my report:

George, the chinchilla, residing at 16760 Whites Store Road in Boyds, Maryland, has been an exemplary chinchilla and has behaved well at all times, been respectful to his neighbors.  He is also exceedingly cute.

Santa, I have a most extremely nice house – it has four levels. I guess it is the townhouse model for chinchillas.  Well, I’ve had this house a while and it’s time for a bit of renovation.  You see, I have one slightly bad habit which is to chew on the pans … so I rather need replacement pans.  Here are some links (my model is called Critter Nation #162 and is 36″X24″).  This is for the bottom pan  and this is for the middle pan.  I also need two of the small intermediate pans (I guess they would be 18″ by 24″) but I am not so good on the computer so I could not find those. It would make my life much nicer to have fresh pans.

Santa, I love to jump and run and perch on top of things.  I found this very cool rounded perch – I think I would enjoy that, but if my friends find other perches like this I could install them all over my cage so I can ricochet from place to place! I like to ricochet and even fly a little bit.  I also would like some treats, not for every day, but maybe on special occasions?

I enjoy visits from people, and I will gladly accept a dried pumpkin seed or maybe a tiny piece of dried papaya from them – in exchange, they can see how wonderfully cute and agile I am.  Perhaps someone like this would like to sponsor me?  This would, as you all say in the vernacular, “make my day”.  It also would help pay for my food preparation and my butler service.

Santa, I sincerely appreciate your entertaining my letter, and I hope that you will come and visit me at my abode very soon.

Yours respectfully,

George Chinchilla

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841