Santa, Santa!  It is Maria, Maria Christina.  It is I, and I am writing you this holiday season because I want to send you my list of wishes.  I am a good, good kittie and I do not screech like Tabitha does when she wants to eat (she wants to eat all the time, and so she is a very annoying sister).  I also do not kiss up to the dogs like my sister Evelyn.  It is revolting, have you ever seen such a thing?  And then they share their food with her.  Pfui. I am a cat’s cat.

Santa, first on my list is something special just for me, mostly for me, but I will share if you ask me to.  You see, my dear, sweet, lovable veterinarian Dr. Pete who is so smart and handsome and sweet and tells me how pretty I am – he has recognized that I have an allergy. I think it is probably to my sisters, but he said perhaps it is food.  And therefore I need to eat a special food.  We have tried this Purina sensitive skin and it seems to be helping (and it is so so delicious).  I can even share it with my sisters because I’m that nice of a kitty.

Along these lines, Santa, you see, we all eat at the same time and it is sort of like a big family – you know, everyone grabbing across the table and trying to get the best stuff first?  Well, if we had this three-cat feeder contraption perhaps we could all eat together in peace.  What do you think, Santa?  I am a very community-minded cat, do no you not think so?

I am such a pretty cat too,  Santa, and everyone says so.  People love to pick me up and hold me and tell me how pretty I am.  I would be so happy if a person would like to sponsor me and then come over and hold me and make me feel special.

I just cannot wait to see you and sit in your lap.  I might think of other things to add to my list, but most of all Santa, I just want to tell you how happy I am that I was rescued and that I can live in safety on this farm.

Love to you and Mrs. Claus and all the cute elves,

Maria Christina

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841