Dear Santie,

My name is Carmen and I’m an extra small cow. I’ve been such a good girl this year.  Well, there was that one time with Tanya… but never mind, I’ve been a really good girl this year. I’ve minded my p’s and q’s (I know what the p stands for, but I wonder what the q is all about?).

Santie, I like to be with the big cows.  I love my cows. But you might know that I’m partly blind. It would be nice if Brandy or Bullwinkle had a cowbell on so that I can find them when I lose them, if you know what I mean?  I get upset when I lose them and I moo and moo but they don’t moo back.  I could find them if they wore a nice bell.

I would also really like a halter that fits me.  (color: lime green – that is “my” color, and size: “Medium”) That way when we get a trailer I can go out on rides and meet people, like at the Bark store and at festivals and maybe I could also just go for a walk around the neighborhood.  I had a great costume this year – I would like to go for trick or treats next Halloween.

I also would really like an extra large mineral feeder like this one.  However, it’s kind of expensive and so I’m hoping that maybe someone will read this who has one they no longer use.  It’s nice because it is big enough for us cows to get our noses into, and it also is protected from the rain (wet minerals are icky).  We have one for the sheep, but it’s much too small for us cow types. We always end up knocking it over, and then the sheep complain. I get so upset when the sheep complain.  I’m a Pisces and we have “a lot of empathy”.  That is me.

I also saw this on the Internet (I love to browse).  It’s a back scratcher and it would be really lovely for me when I”m shedding in the spring. It would feel so good on my itchy skin!

Ooopsie!   They just told me I’ve gone overtime and asked for too many things, but Santie – it’s my first Christmas so it’s ok isn’t it?  And I mean, one of these things might just be a stocking stuffer and not a real “Present” – right?  So just one more thing – would you send me a sponsor who will come and visit me and scratch my back and give me little massages?  I would so love that.  I’ll be so nice to them.

I am so happy that I could write to you today, and thank you for being so good to all my dear friends here at the farm.  Please watch over the other cows at other farms and send them some gifts too, ok?



Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841