il secondo di dicembre

Caro Santa,

It is my deepest honor and pleasure to address you this day in regards to my comportamento this past year. I have completed nearly one year of living on this sweet little farm. It is true, I have already had two wives, but this does not mean I am a what you would call a “player”. No no no I am a most respectable gentleman. I was widowed, you see, and I realized the importance of having a dear life partner and so, vedi, when the lovely lady Zoe was presented to me, ah, how could I possibly refuse.

I therefore petition you, my Santa Claus of il Polo Nord to grant my wishes both for myself and on behalf of my lovely young bride, Zoe.

The two of us, we delight in going out to dine, but we find often that we cannot abide the taste of the regular, common food.  We are quite particular about our diet.  However, we do like the treats made of timothy hay and apples and this assortment of Oxbow treats are just so so, meraviglioso.

Santa, certamente you know of the truly amazing renovation of my apartment quarters. It is so bright and clean. We must keep it clean!  Please Santa, send us this special tool that can get deep into the tiny corners of our condominiums so that we can keep everything assolutamente perfetto.  Va bene?  Here –  I show you a picture of me modeling in our new quarters – beautiful, is it not? 

Of course, I would very gratefully have someone sponsor me.  We rabbits are a bit small and sometimes people overlook us. They look at the fine, handsome horses or the very bothersome goats and they forget that we rabbits are so interesting and funny and full of ideas … and we behave much better than the goats.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to address you with my concerns and requests and I extend my warmest greetings to your most extremely beautiful wife.

Distinti saluti,

Don Giovanni

Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841