Santa Letter items 2020

Many thanks to all the wonderful and kind people who have sent gifts by mail and brought gifts in person for the animals this holiday season! It is just a joy for everyone! Folks requested a summary of what’s been received and, so that is included below and will be updated daily.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes boxes of gifts arrive with no notation in them as to who they were from. If you’d like to receive a charitable contribution receipt for your gift, please contact us at¬† Also, if you have ordered something and/or don’t see that your item has been marked as received, please contact us so we can check.

Thank you again – these gifts really make a difference to everyone at the farm!

Items with lines through them have been received and thank you!

Animal Item URL
Ruth the Rabbit Bunny treats
Corner Litter Box
Ernie the goat Collar (size L)
New tractor seat
George the pig Pumpkin
Vitamin B supplement
Skin supplement
Non-tip water bowl
Heated water bowl
Mamie the dog Dog-proof trash can
Dog-proof baby gate
Bubba the sheep Feed bowl
Feed bowl
Salt lick
Source of donated millings
Petey the steer Dewormer
Gate Wheels
Hay Bale Feeder
Roger & Rudy the guinea pigs Dried carrots
Pee Pads
Brewster the rooster Heat lamp
Senna the alpaca Scissors
Tummy herbs
Salvo the horse Horse blanket
Lead rope
Freckles the rabbit Tunnel system
Broom, dustpan
Food storage bin
Evelyn the cat Warming bed
Food mixers
Jean-Claude the llama Llama minerals
Falkor the flying goat Boot scraper
Yak Tracks
Dragon collar
Herman and Pippa the sheep Vitamin B paste
Feed buckets
Milo the dog Dasuquin