Rocky the Steer

Holstein steer
Born 2005
Weight approx. 2200 pounds

Rocky was bottle-raised at the Prince William Animal Control petting zoo, and from there was destined to go to the auctionhouse, but a kind lady fell in love with him and his buddy Bullwinkle, bought them at market price, and hauled them over here.

Rocky is true to his name – he is a solid, upstanding citizen. He is quiet and deliberate about everything in his life, and absolutely loves to be scratched on his face.

He wasn’t always so calm; he was improperly banded as a young calf, and gradually grew a retained testicle; at about 18 months of age, he started acting like a bull, causing Farmer Anne to learn how to vault fences. A quick surgery took care of the situation and since then he has been really just a pussycat.


Rocky eats much hay. He and Bullwinkle can go through a 1000 pound bale of hay in less than a week in wintertime. They get a small supplement of grain in the winter, but because they are steers they are prone to gaining weight so we limit their grain intake.

Rocky receives a yearly shot of CD/T. He is dewormed every 6 weeks.

The “boyz” have access to a run-in shed as well as the barn in winter, but they really need a new barn to be built especially for them.

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