Rachel the Sheep

Born April, 2003
Rambouillet/Romanov ewe

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Rachel was brought to me because she had been struck by a farm vehicle and had a fractured pelvis; the farm owners feared she wouldn’t survive with a large flock. She was so tiny when I got her that she fit into a little over-the-shoulder cat bag. She was all black, but if you parted her wool you could see that underneath she was all white; with time she is greying out in a most interesting way. She has long, long eyelashes, some of them white, which gives her a distinct Betty Boop appearance. Her little baa is very high pitched and sweet, and she uses it very sparingly.

There is something quiet and mature about Rachel that none of the other sheep have displayed; sometimes I worry that she isn’t feeling well because she is so quiet, but other times she will go hopping and jumping through the fields with the Fred Astaire side-kick movement that all lambs do (her fracture is completely healed now). Rachel is just so sweet and soft and gentle, she could melt anyone’s heart.

Would you like to sponsor Rachel?

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