Parsnip the Sheep

Romney/Columbia ewe
Born 2002
Weight approx. 160 pounds

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Parsnip being sheared

Parsnip is a sweet, shy sheep who has foot problems. Her family adopted her and kept her at a local farm as a companion. She has been shown at the Maryland state fair and has won prizes for her beautiful, soft fleece. However, the farm where she lived was very muddy and there wasn’t proper dry ground or shelter for her, so she developed foot scald (a painful condition!). The family decided it would be better to send her someplace where she would get a lot of individualized care. Her hooves are currently still quite soft, but we are treating her with both sheep scald medicine and thrush medicine and little by little her limping is going away.

Parsnip adored Jasmine, who unfortunately passed away last year. Jasmine was the first sheep to whom I introduced Parsnip, and they did the most remarkable routine of licking each other’s faces, rubbing their faces against each other’s bodies, and head butting one another. After 10 minutes of this, they decided they were best of friends and to this day they are no more than 10 feet apart from each other at any given time. She has made good friends with Kimiko, and they spend most of the day together.


Parsnip gets a mix of timothy, orchard grass, and alfalfa hay, and all the grass she wants. She gets small quantities of grain mixed with corn and sunflower seeds.

Parsnip receives a yearly shot of CD/T and rabies. She is dewormed every 6 weeks alternating Safeguard and Ivermectin. Her hooves are trimmed every six weeks, at the same time.

Parsnip can go into the barn anytime she likes, but she prefers the run-in shed in the back pasture, especially if Jasmine is there too.

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