A rabbit with attitude

A rabbit with attitude

Oreo is the most ornery rabbit you are likely to ever meet.  She has reason, although we do feel she might have mellowed a bit over all this time now.

Oreo was brought here as a boarder.  She was a very angry rabbit.  Her owners never did come to pick her up which made her even angrier.  She would lash out at anyone trying to reach into her condo to feed her or,  God forbid, pet her.  She got the nickname “Killer Rabbit”, or, a la Monty Python, “Run away, run away”.  We suspect that her early years with her original owners were not a stellar example of animal care.

Over time she has mellowed.  She is very very sweet if you let her run around and will sit in your lap for hours.  But if you reach into her condo without her permission …. UH OH!

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