Meet Old Vinnie

Old Vinnie

Vinnie is a great old Angora goat.  We believe he is about 12 years old.  Poor Vinnie has been passed around quite a lot in his life; this is his fifth home.  We want him to feel very welcome and comfortable here at his permanent home.  He is still trying to decide who his friends will be, and wanders about looking like the new kid at school not sure which table to sit at in the cafeteria.

Vinnie is very sweet and gentle; most Angora goats are more mild-mannered than their other goat counterparts.  Some people say they are a bit more like sheep in that way.  He is showing signs of aging, and so we are giving him special hot meals twice a day to build up his health.

He has a funny toothy smile, and lovely curly white locks.  Of course, he will need to be sheared in the spring!

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