Star Gazing Farm in the News

Washington Examiner, February 20, 2013

Washington Post article about Star Gazing Farm

Star Gazing Farm opens its doors to animals in need, The Gazette

Star Gazing Farm covered in the Examiner

The Perennial Plate Episode 87: Animal Sanctuary from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Donations sought for fluffy friend
The Gazette, 21 May, 2008

Fox 5 News visits the farm!
Story, originally aired on December 23, 2007

In Some Households, Every Day Is Turkey Day
The New York Times, 22 November, 2007

Funds Needed for Dog ACL Surgery
The Gazette, 29 August, 2007

Animal lovers cry fowl over lessons
Hatching projects bad for chicks and students, opponents say

The Gazette, 25 July, 2007

Hopping the homesickness away at Star Gazing Farm
While owners are away, rabbits play at Boyds bunny motel

The Gazette
, 3 July, 2007

Photo of Kramer in the Washington Post

Unwanted Farm Animals Find Shelter with Anne Shroeder
Gimundo, Good news, served daily, June 7, 2007

Boyds sanctuary’s animals enjoy life down on the farm
5 May, 2004