Mr. Pickles

picklesMr. Pickles was picked up by DC Animal control along with Mama B and Mrs. Pickles (who turned out to be a boy, and divorced Mr. Pickles but that is another story for another day).  It became apparent rather quickly that Mr. Pickles was a precocious bird.  Extremely friendly and with a tendency to migrate to humans rather than other birds, he became a favorite of the volunteers, who call him the much  more respectable name of “Rico”.

Mr. Pickles has discovered that he can take tax rides on the animals on the farm and frequently does so.  He also stole Waldo’s rubber pig (that goes “oink” when you squeeze it) and, um, hangs out with it a lot.  He has gone on an  outing to the Takoma Park alternative gift fair and looks forward to his next venture into the world.

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