Mehitabel the Donkey

mehit-fullMehitabel lived at a farm for over a decade with no attention from a vet or farrier. Her feet grew so long that they looked like elf slippers. Animal control seized her and her other donkey friend and charged the owner with cruelty.

Mehitabel still needs a lot of work done on her hooves to get them to a normal placement; she has, however, one back leg that was evidently broken and healed improperly long ago.  She can walk just fine, but it is a disability she will live with and we will need to monitor her for signs of arthritis.

She is incredibly sweet, especially given what she has been through, and loves to be brushed and talked to.  She spends most of her time with the alpacas, although she and Dee Dee Donkey have started to make friends.

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