Meet Redd

OK, so here’s my story.  I was a Pennsylvania rooster.  I so totally did not like Pennsylvania so I hitched a ride under a pickup truck down to Maryland.  I heard there are some better looking chicks in that state.  Yeah, it was kind of tough – the highway tore off my tail feathers but man, I hung on for dear life under the truck and when we arrived, I hopped out and said, “OK guys, where are the chicks?”  They looked at my like I was out of my mind.  “Chicks,” they said?  “Dude, this is a construction site.”  Well now that was a huge disappointment. But a big ugly guy had an idea – “hey, let’s have an early lunch.”  He grabbed me, put me between his knees (trust me, you do not want any big ugly guy doing this to you) and was just about to twist my neck around …. I was resigned.  What could I do?  I sighed and thought of the rustling of trees, the early morning crowing I could have done, the beautiful hens I could have met.  I thought of my long, hard ride on the highway and how sometimes in life we try so hard only to be overtaken by big ugly men.

And then – the miracle happened.  A man with a heart as big as the truck I rode in on stepped in and said, “STOP.”  He handed over green cash to the ugly thug, took me in his arms, and thus began my adventure and ultimate arrival in rooster paradise.  And that is my story.

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