Meet Mamie

Mamie joined our farm in late June of 2018.  We adopted her from the Mid Atlantic Jack Russell Rescue …. she was supposed to be  a Jack Russell, to be rescued from an Amish puppy mill.  But when the rescuers arrived to pick her up they said, “oh but that’s not a Jack.”  The farmer said, “OK then, I’ll put her in back and stop feeding her.”  The rescuer promptly said, “oh no, we’ll be so glad to take her.”

Mamie is about 5 years old and full of beans.  She is very smart, but has obviously had some bad experiences because she is very afraid of loud voices, newspapers, and raised hands.  She’s a very loving dog and we hope to work her through her anxiety so that she feels fully secure that no one will ever hurt her again.  We hope that someday we can train her to work with the sheep!

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