Meet Jane

Little Jane is a Shetland sheep, born around May of 2017.  She was at a farm where the owner was very neglectful, and many of the lambs died from parasite infestation.  She also was severely malnourished and developed rickets.  Jane is a tiny, tiny sheep and will probably always be small, and yet she has a great big personality.  She has her special place in the barn, on the straw, under the heat lamp, and no one dares take that space away from her!  Her best friends are Rachel and Kimiko, who watch over her to make sure none of the goats bother her.

Jane is always happy, and always peaceful.  She loves her breakfast and dinner time, and she loves everyone who stops by to say hello to her.  We hope to have her legs treated at the University of Pennsylvania Vet school to give her more mobility and comfort.

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