Meet Hazel!

Hazel is a potbellied pig who was abandoned at the animal shelter.  She was born in approximately April of 2017 and so is still growing. and growing. and growing.

Within hours of arriving at the farm, she broke out of her enclosure and went around and introduced herself to everyone.  She is fearless and has endless optimism.  She adores belly rubs and adores eating, and is always excited to meet all the visitors who come to the farm.

She has a way of sort of taking over things, which some of the sheep do not appreciate – but she is a good sort and means no harm, even when she is trying to steal someone’s dinner.  She loves to sleep next to Huckleberry as he keeps her warm.  She is slowly warming up to Waldo, who is much larger than her, but who seems to be kind of a nice granddaddy type of guy.

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