Meet May May

May May is a White Chinese goose who came to live at Star Gazing Farm in 2016. Her original owner and rescuer lost her farm and was desperate to find a safe place for this girl goose who had already been through so much.

maymay2May May was rescued just in the nick of time.  Someone found her on a golf course in New Jersey, and thought she was already dead. She had been attacked by a snapping turtle and was barley hanging on. ..maggots had already made way to her very injured & mutilated got. She had surgery, and after her recovery she came to live in Maryland.

May May is extremely sweet and while she loves Louie the goose, she has found true soul friendship with Laila the goose.  The two of them walk a bit more slowly and so have time to discuss life and observe the funny goings on at the farm.

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