Gardeners’ Corner

Word got around about our amazing composted manure in the spring, and we were cleaned out of it.  There is no composted manure available right now – it has taken a longer time than expected to decompose.  Right now we are looking at mid-November for the next batch to be ready.

Please note that we can no longer offer this for free.  We are asking a $20 donation per carload and a minimum of a $40 donation per truckload.


It’s gorgeous. It looks, smells, and feels like dirt but it’s fully composted and aged manure all from our sanctuary animals, mixed with straw bedding and hay.  And it’s come from happy, healthy animals.


We have a self-serve manure bunker outside our gate which is refilled at the end of each day.  There is also a donation box.  We have a suggested donation of $20 per carload.

We have a tractor-savvy volunteer on-hand Friday mornings from 9-12, but please make an appointment first. Email or text 301-674-5716.  We have a suggested donation of $40 per truckload.

Masks are required for entry to the farm.


Yes, but only limited volunteers are trained to load up into pickup trucks/dump trailers.  You must make an appointment in advance if you need your vehicle loaded up by the tractor, because we may not have anyone on hand to help you all the time. We do not allow visitors to run our tractor.


Yes.  If you wish to bring buckets or large contractor bags to load up, you may help yourself – please bring your own shovels and buckets/bags.

WHERE DO I GO ON THE FARM? (truck loads only)

Click to see full-sized map with instructions

  1.  Outside gates are always closed.  You need to close them behind you before driving up.  Please do not block the driveway.
  2. Drive up to the left side of the house to the Farm Office and ask for which path to drive up.
  3. If the pasture is dry enough, you may drive directly through it.  If not, we will direct you around the right side of all the barns.
  4. Please drive very very slowly.  The animals are free-range on the farm and do not pay attention to vehicles.  You must watch for both small and large animals.


We have a suggested donation of $20 per carload (self serve by the manure bunker outside our gate) and $40 per truckload.

Donations not only help pay for food for the animals, but they help us maintain our tractor which is how we are able to give you such great compost!


We have had weeks when the farm was simply too wet for vehicles to drive up to the compost pile.  Please check with us before setting out.

Also – wet compost is heavy compost. We recommend you do not come when it has been raining or is currently raining.


The compost is made from the manure of our animals: cows, goats, sheep, alpacas, llamas, horses, geese, chickens, plus bedding (pine shavings and straw) and uneaten hay.  Note: we are not “organic”, but we do not use pesticides or any kind of chemicals on the property. All animals are free range, happy, and healthy, and their primary diet is orchard grass, timothy hay, grain, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Reports back from gardeners say that this stuff is magic.

We have both fully composted and hot piles (and everything in between).

Catalyst Compost: SMOKIN’! If you need hot manure to get your own compost pile cooking fast, you should bring tins or heat-proof cannisters. This stuff will get your compost broken down much faster, and will add vital nutrients.

Magic Mountains of Manure: 100% composted manure, multi-flavored: gifts from cows, goats, sheep, horses, and a variety of fowl, plus straw and hay, all cooked, regularly turned, and ready to go. Can be put directly on working gardens and lawns.