Madison the Sheep

Born January, 2003
Rambouillet/Romanov wether
approx. 250 pounds

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Madison, posing for the camera

Madison is a mama’s boy. He was raised as a lone bottle baby, because his mama rejected him, so he didn’t bond as much with the other sheep as he did with Farmer Anne. When he was very little he used to come in and have afternoon naps in the office. That gave him a very bad idea, which was… that he is probably not, after all, a sheep. Almost every day we have to remind him to “go and be a sheep”.

He is one of the most friendly sheep here on the farm, and routinely follows people around, trying to solicit cookies. During the winter he looks distinctly like a buffalo. Sometimes when he gets excited he runs and jumps pogo-stick style like a young lamb. Madison is extraordinarily affectionate and curious, and will win your heart.

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