Meet Luc

My new mate, Freckles. Isn’t she cute?

This is my first meeting with my love Oreo.

I was abandoned because people said I wasn’t friendly.  Say what?  I’m Mr. Friendly Personified. Just ask anyone.  In fact, I am so easy to get along with that I fell in love with Oreo the ornery rabbit.  I was so brokenhearted when she passed away, but it so happened that a bachelorette bunny had just come here to live and, POWIE, we fell in love right away.  See, I’m just that kind of guy.  My new squeeze is named Freckles and she is chock-a-block full of personality.

I’m big and black and sleek and lovely to pet.  I’m healthy and I really love hopping all around the house and pooping everywhere.  My hobbies are chewing on leafy greens and kissing.

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