Little Herbie to get Prostheses!

Little Herbie was at the auction house.  The livestock auction.  This is a very scary place, even to older animals. Imagine how it must have been for this 3 month old baby who couldn’t even walk properly. Herbie was only 3 months old and was all by himself. You’ll see from his photos that his front legs are deformed. But .. a woman saw him and cried, and bid on him so as to save his life.

Through our connections with an animal control agency in West Virginia, we brought Herbie to our farm in May of 2020.

Herbie gets around quite well using his front knees to navigate, but long term we worry about spinal damage, arthritis, not to mention organ misalignment.  So we took Herbie to Bionic Pets in Sterling, VA where he got fitted for prosthetic legs!

We are trying to raise $3,000 to help with Herbie’s new legs. Can you chip in to help this little guy walk properly again?