Layla the Goose

Layla was found, almost starved, on the lake at the Rio shopping center.  She was taken to Second Chance Wildlife Center who then placed her with us.  Many people don’t understand the difference between domestic and wild geese, and think that any pond or lake will be just fine for a ‘drop off’.  Domestic geese and ducks cannot fend for themselves.  They cannot fly, and so cannot easily escape predators, and also cannot dive and seek food the way that wild geese and ducks can.  Their fate, when “dumped”, is slow starvation.

Fortunately Layla has had a very nice life here.  She has invited seven other geese to come here and live, and together they wander about the farm, go swimming in the stream, and forage for bugs and grubs.  They stay in the chicken barn at night to protect them from predators.

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