Joey the Goat

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Joey is a big boy with a little boy temperament. He and Burrito lived together for their entire lives. Joey is about 16 years old. Their owner had them from the time they were babies, and so when she faced an illness in her family and the need to sell her farm, she was so concerned about these goats. She knew that finding a home for two elderly animals would not be easy.

However, we were glad to welcome these two characters to our farm!

It seems that Joey used to be a bit hard to handle – weighing in at 300 pounds and shy, but a little strong with the horns, he wasn’t such an easy goat. But we bribed him endlessly with treats and he quickly became a 300 pound teddy bear. He adjusted well to the loss of his friend, Burrito and now hangs out mostly with Mr. Newman Goat.

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Would you like to sponsor Joey?