Huckleberry the Sheep

Lincoln/Finn sheep cross
Born June 6, 2005

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Handsome Huckleberry, the flock leader

Huckleberry was born in Poolesville on June 6, 2005. His mama didn’t want him or his brother Fred and kept butting them away from her. The farmer had to leave town the next day and knew that if he left these babies, they would die because the mother wouldn’t feed them. He called Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, but they, too, were going out of town, so they called me and I gladly took in these wee ones to bottle feed them!

Huckleberry’s life has not been easy. When he was four, he lost his dear brother Fred to urinary calculi (after a long, long battle and several surgeries). Since Fred passed away, Huckleberry has changed personality from a retiring, somewhat abstract philosopher to the leader of the sheep flock. In fact, he will head-butt any strangers who come too close to his family. When not protecting his sheep, he is a bit of a loner, and seems to prefer the company of horses.

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