Gruff the sheep

Romney ram lamb
Born March 11, 2008
Weight approx. 250 pounds

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Naughty and handsome Gruff

Gruff was born a boy, which meant he was destined to be taken to the auction (and from there, most likely to slaughter). …. We met him at a sheep shearing job, where he put the magic sheep spell on us and made us take him home! He was given the name Gruff at his previous farm, because he looked and acted so much like one of the Billy Goats Gruff. Indeed, he is a naughty rascal but so endearing! He has been known to ride in the cab of our pickup truck to attend educational and fundraising events, and he’s quite the ‘meeter and greeter’. He also makes extremely beautiful wool, and we’ve woven shawls and rugs from his beautiful fleece.

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