Meet Fatty and Cracky



We lived all our lives with the lady who saved us as tiny kittens (she even fed us with a dropper bottle to keep body and soul together).  She loved us so much, and she let us take care of all the mice in the barn where the horses lived.  But then the farm was sold and the horses went away.  There weren’t so many mice, either.  She loved us but she knew we needed a farm to take care of.  The dog in the household didn’t like Cracky, either, so going to the new homestead and living with him was a big “No dice”.

We are doing a bang up job of rodent control and serving as welcoming committee.

We’re both big boys and love to be held and loved on. Fatty sings all the time and Cracky has a tendency to find corners to sleep in, worrying everyone as to where he is!

Would you like to sponsor Fatty or Cracky?