Emma the tiny sheep

emma-fEmma was living in the woods area of a children’s camp.  She shared the space with 3 very obnoxious (but funny) goats who had no concern for her welfare. The caretaker, too, was lacking in that department. She slowly became very thin and depressed, and started having problems walking properly on her hind legs.

The camp’s manager was eager to find a placement for her where she would be given lots of extra attention and care.  They invested in an extensive veterinary visit with bloodwork before she was placed here and found that really all she had was that elusive “Failure to thrive” condition that so many animals can get when they need more than herd-based care.

Emma receives twice daily special meals and has blended with the sheep flock very well – her BFF is Kimiko the sheep.  She is a very small Shetland sheep (about half the normal size) and very sweet and gentle; she loves to be stroked on her face.  We’re so glad to have “Emma Sheep Sheep” living her with us now and for the rest of her life.

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